Titans By A Million: Julio Jones Breaks Out His Waffle House Cleats At Training Camp

A person wearing a white and black tennis shoes and white socks

Titans by a million. The Lombardi Trophy is coming to Nashville this year.

I’m calling it now. All thanks to Julio Jones and these Waffle House cleats.

Today was the first day of the Tennessee Titans‘ training camp, and Julio Jones decided to break out these bad boys in honor of his first day on the field with his new team.

Jones also wore a pair of Waffle House cleats during practice with his former team (their name’s not important) back in 2019.

So why Waffle House?

I mean first of all, why NOT Waffle House?

It’s an American treasure. Some of the finest breakfast food you’ll ever have, cooked for you with love by a guy with a cigarette in his mouth and a house arrest bracelet on his ankle.

But Waffle House also happens to be one of Jones’ high school nicknames.

As Jones has explained in the past, he got his nickname because of another similarity he shares with the restaurant chain: He’s always open.

How can you bet against that? Just like the Waffle House, I know that Jones isn’t going to let me down.

Especially not with cleats like this.

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