Joey Logano’s Gender Reveal For Third Child Is The Most NASCAR Thing You’ve Ever Seen

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THIS is the correct way to do a gender reveal, people.

Actually, as long as nothing gets set on fire and nobody gets hurt, I really don’t mind a gender reveal.

I’ve been to a couple different ones for some of my friends, and it can be fun for everyone to find out at the same time what the baby will be. I have yet to attend one where something goes horribly wrong or has caught on fire, though.

But of course, like anything, there’s a correct way to do it.

And NASCAR driver Joey Logano, along with his wife Brittany, had a super adorable gender reveal to announce that their third child.

It was also the first time they’ve announced that they have another baby on the way:

“Alright so, we’ve been wanting to tell everybody something here for a while. You know, Brittany’s been pretty sick and tired over a lot of things that’s been going on in our life and in her life.

We didn’t know how to tell everybody this news, um, but we already have two boys together and feel comfortable with that and things are gonna be okay.

But, she’s pregnant.”

For the actual reveal, they went all out… NASCAR-style, of course.

His two sons, Hudson and Jameson, hopped in a toy race car (with a paint scheme exactly like their Dad’s real-life race car), and as Hudson stomped on the gas, he left a cloud of pink chalk behind him.

He even followed-up with a victory donut and burn-outs to celebrate.

It was absolutely adorable, and Hudson mentioned several times in the video he was ready for a baby sister, so it looks like his wish is coming true:

I think it’s safe to say Joey’s mother-in-law is more than ready for a granddaughter, too…

For Hudson’s gender reveal back in 2018, they did a similar thing where Joey drove a Mustang and did burn-outs to reveal blue smoke:

Check out the entire video here:

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