Another Idiot Lit His Backyard On Fire With A Ridiculous Gender Reveal

A machine with fire coming out of it

AGAIN with this?

Have we learned nothing from millions and millions of acres that burning across the western part of the country? The El Dorado Fire, which took the life of a California firefighter and injured many others, has burned over 22,000 acres so far, and it’s still not 100% contained. And you know how it started? A gender reveal.

And then we have the moron with the tannerite in Arizona a couple years back. Another 45,000 acres burned and nearly 8 MILLION dollars in restitution.

And finally, we have a guy in Australia that LITERALLY did the same thing you’re about to do, and he torched his car. Good luck getting mommy to the hospital without a car. Idiot…

Just imagine pissing away your kid’s college fund because you’re still paying back the state for burning it down? Because that’s exactly how it’s going to go.

What happened to just saying “hey, it’s a girl,” “hey, we’re having a boy”? When did that very logical idea go out the window?


A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock