Jimmy Fallon And Tariq Trotter Deliver Olympic Parody Of FGL And Nelly’s “Lil’ Bit” & It’s Better Than The Original

Of all of the songs for them to parody, they choose Nelly and Florida Georgia Line?

Or is that because their new song “Lil Bit” already sounds like a corny-ass parody? I mean, if you want to make a ridiculous song to celebrate the Olympics and make people laugh, why not start with a ridiculous song in the first place, right?

And yet somehow, I think this version is better.

Jimmy Fallon joined Tariq Trotter, a founding member of the hip-hop group The Roots, for a comical take on “Lil Bit,” dubbed “This Olympics.”

Fallon sings the FGL parts, while Trotter takes care of all the Nelly parts of the song, and they twist the lyrics to sing about all of the sports that are represented in the Olympics.

And while still can’t really stand it, I’m not gonna lie, this parody has more depth and creativity than the original song itself.

Let’s compare the lyrics really quick… here’s a chorus from the FGL version:

“Take me to the country
Show me where you from”
I said, “Shawty, you gon’ love me
And we gon’ have some fun”
I bring out my big wheel
And you can climb on up
Girl, I think you a big deal
Now show your boy some love
Just a lil’ bit.”

Deep stuff fellas…

Now Jimmy and Tariq’s version:

“It’s time to represent your country
No matter where you’re from
Waking up at 2 a.m.
To watch a little badminton
Get your soccer socks on, we’re playing football
Pour yourself some Wheaties
It’s time to win it all
This Olympics.”

And that’s just the chorus… wait until you hear the verses.

You be the judge (no Olympic pun intended).

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