Morgan Wallen Shares Unreleased New Demo, “You Proof,” Says He’s “Been Wanting To Put Out New Music”

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On the heels of his first public interview since February that seemingly put his hiatus from music to an end, Morgan Wallen is already testing out some new music.

He’s recently shared a couple other songs on his Instagram prior to the interview with Michael Strahan on Good Morning America this past Friday, including “Thought You Should Know” (a co-write with Miranda Lambert), a different unreleased old demo on his Instagram story, and another song he co-wrote with frequent collaborator Ernest called “Drink U Back”.

On his Instagram page earlier today, he posted an unreleased demo of a different new song we haven’t heard yet called “You Proof”, along with a caption saying he’s been wanting to put out new stuff:

“You proof. Been wanting to put out new music.”

It’s a pretty simple concept, where Morgan’s admittedly been trying to drink his heartbreak away with the highest proof of alcohol he can find, yet seemingly can’t drink anything that’s strong enough to rid him of the memory of this girl.

Check out some of the lyrics and the clip he posted of the track:

“Ain’t nobody sellin’ nothin’ you proof
Somethin’ stronger than I’m used to
I’ve been pourin’ 90 to 100 
Feel like nothin’s gonna cut it
That’s the hard truth
I need somethin’ you proof”

Without all the snap tracks and loud beats, I think it’d be a pretty decent song. I’d love to hear it if he stripped it down Dangerous Sessions style with an acoustic-only production. In my opinion, his vocals shine and sound the best that way.

With “Sand In My Boots” charting again and spins picking up around the country, I think it’s only a matter of time until his team officially sends that one to country radio as his next single (if they haven’t already).

And, as his album numbers continue to break records in spite of everything he’s been through this year and artists like Kip Moore, Ashley McBryde, Luke Combs among plenty of others gear up to hit the road this fall, I would not be surprised one bit to see Morgan follow suit on that front, either.

Even though he said he wasn’t going on tour this summer, I have a feeling he may be coming to a city near you at some point later in 2021.

With what I gather from the caption of this particular post, maybe we’ll get some new music, too.

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