Morgan Wallen Establishes More Than My Hometown Foundation To Help At-Risk Youth Find Good Families

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John Shearer

Positive steps for Morgan Wallen.

By now, we’re all well aware of the controversy surrounding Morgan Wallen for the past 6 months.

He revealed this morning during an interview Good Morning America’s Michael Strahan that he did 30 days in rehab and that he donated about half a million dollars to the Black Music Action Coalition, but aside from that, he also launched a charity foundation of his own.

Called the More Than My Hometown Foundation, the organization’s four-pillar approach of Family, Community, Guidance, & Love aims to help at-risk youth.

“More Than My Hometown Foundation believes every young person deserves the best chance at a great life, by strengthening and fostering these four pillars: FAMILY, COMMUNITY, GUIDANCE, and LOVE – we open the door for greater opportunity and hope.

More Than My Hometown Foundation has a desire and focus to help children, adolescents and teenagers find families that can provide warm, loving homes that can rebuild their confidence, self-belief, and to feel forever loved, with a forever family.”

Morgan’s parents fostered, and recently officially adopted, his sister Lacy, and the foundation will look to provide other children with the same opportunity.

“Since my parents fostered and now officially adopted my sister Lacy, I’ve witnessed what love and care can do for a child that didn’t have it before. She has transformed into a confident, trusting and happy kid.

There are many elements that aid in the development and protection of an adolescents life, and that is why I created the foundation so a child’s resources are not limited due to their circumstances.”


I don’t know if/when Morgan will ever fully earn the trust and respect of the people he hurt this past February. I mean, we all need some forgiveness at some point in our lives, right?

And I’m not saying anybody has to give it to him right now, or ever… that’s up to you. But if Morgan emerging out of this a better person is the goal, it sounds like he’s at least on that path.

If you missed the GMA interview, you can watch it below:

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