Incredible Video Of Waylon Jennings & Marty Stuart Singing “Waymore’s Blues” In 1991 Resurfaces

Man, when two legends get together to do a song together, it’s always pretty epic.

But when it’s Marty Stuart and Waylon Jennings home video style singing “Waymore’s Blues” in 1991, that just takes it to another level.

On September 2, 1991 the two were together in Clarkston, Michigan playing a show together. Well, someone was wise enough to get these two on camera before the show just hanging out talking.

First, we get some banter about one of Marty Stuart’s guitars that would put Alan Jackson and Jimmy Buffett to shame.

Waylon says “He always called me Waymore so I had to write a song about it” pointing to Marty and then the two go into the iconic “Waymore’s Blues”

Now this is the kind of behind the scenes content I crave, I don’t know about you. This song was on Waylon’s 1975 album Dreaming My Dreams which is right before he won Male Vocalist of the Year at the CMA Awards.

There’s nothing like ole Waylon singing this song, but as a reminder there have been some great covers of it as well.

We have Sturgill’s version (he even jokes about how much people tell him he sounds like Waylon Jennings).

Whitey Morgan has a great version of it as well recorded at Sonic Ranch.

And one more for good measure, here’s Jamey Johnson doing it back in 2014.

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