Ryan Bingham Is Hunting Axis Deer In Hawaii With Remi Warren

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Remi Warren

One of TV’s favorite cowboys is currently chasing axis deer in Hawaii with one of the biggest names in hunting.

Ryan Bingham is a former bull rider and current country singer, and he’s a damn good actor known for his role as Walker on the hit show Yellowstone. He’s currently hanging out in Hawaii with Remi Warren, a professional hunting guide and TV host who was one of the first big names to ride the hunting industry’s social media wave.

While hunting options in the summer are slim pickings in most states, axis deer in Hawaii can be hunted year round because they are an introduced species.

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Also known as spotted deer, or chital deer, the species is native to the Indian sub-continent. Bucks can weigh upwards of 150-pounds and their antlers can grow to almost 3.5-feet long.

Axis deer were introduced to the island of Molokai, Hawaii in the 1860s as a gift from Hong Kong.

Soon afterwards the deer were also introduced to the island Lanai and they are now plentiful on both islands. In the 1950s, the deer were introduced to the island of Maui to increase hunting opportunities in part due to the growing popularity of hunting them on the other two islands.

The species has no natural predators on the Hawaiian islands, thus their population is growing rapidly each year, causing serious damage to agriculture and natural areas. Hunting is the best way to keep their numbers in check and at more ecologically balanced levels. 

Axis hunting is administered through the Hawaiian Department of Lands and Natural Resource’s Division of Forest and Wildlife and hunters are required to buy a hunting license. Most axis deer hunts in Hawaii are done through licensed guides and outfitters on private land where the deer compete with agricultural interests.

The meat harvested from axis deer is renowned as some of the very best wild game table fair in the world, so it’s no wonder that Remi and Ryan are spending their time in Hawaii trekking through the brush as opposed to relaxing on the beach. It appears this hunt is being filmed as part of a larger video project, but Warren bas been providing a glimpse behind the scenes in real time as the hunt unfolds.

“Hunting thicker cover has its advantages and disadvantages. On one hand if you can catch their antlers or ear tips above the brush line, it is often easier to get close with a good wind.

On the flip side, there are many animals you won’t spot… and when you do get close, getting a clear shot is tough!

For me I simultaneously love and hate thick country. What do you prefer… Cover or open? You can follow this hunt recap now on my Instastory.”

The action is heating up. Ryan already let an arrow fly, but unfortunately the wise old buck ducked the string and ran off unscathed (axis deer are known to be extremely agile).


Remi was already able to stalk within shooting distance of a nice buck as well, however thick vegetation prevented him from getting a shot off.

Good luck to both these guys on the rest of the hunt. If they do have success, you can be sure a good recipe is sure to follow.

We’ll be sure to provide updates if anybody drops a deer, and we look forward to sharing the full hunting video once it’s released.

If it goes anything like Warren’s last axis deer hunt in Hawaii, then it will be worth watching for sure.

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