VIDEO: Rare Footage Of Luke Combs Singing “The Way She Rides” Back In College

A man playing a guitar

Luke Combs with a man bun.

Or a ponytail…

Whatever you want to call it, I didn’t see that one coming…

He sported one at least for a little while back in college at Appalachian State University, where he honed his music skills years ago and was known to do a cover or two of Lynyrd Skynyrd.

In a video posted to Instagram by Adam Church, a longtime college friend of Luke’s, you can see the two of them singing “The Way She Rides” back in one of their college apartments.

The caption reads “throw back to the beginning,” along with some other writing, including the location and a small sentence at the bottom that says:

“That guitar is in the HOF now.”

So, we have Adam playing Luke’s Country Music Hall of Fame guitar way before it ever saw a stage in Nashville, or anywhere else really for that matter, and Luke absolutely nailing the vocals like it’s nothin’.

Pretty cool to get a glimpse into the rise of Luke back where it all started:

The post was originally shared on Instagram stories by Samuel Crabtree (who now works for Riley Green), and he’s listed as a co-writer on the track along with Luke, Adam and Curtis Collins.

The song was featured on Luke’s 2014 EP of the same name.

Luke’s even gearing up to make a stop in Boone on his upcoming fall “What You See Is What You Get” tour… but this time, he’ll be playing at a much larger venue in Kidd Brewer Stadium and without the long hair.

“The Way She Rides”

And speaking of Luke’s hair… how about that throwback mullet?


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