Riley Green Previews Unreleased New Heartbreaker, “Known Any Better”

A man wearing a baseball hat

Another new one hot off the press.

Riley Green has made the most of his quarantine time, cranking out new song after new song. And luckily for his fans, he’s constantly sharing sneak peeks.

This latest one, titled “Known Any Better,” it’s straight outta the Riley Green school of heartbreak country, only this time, it’s about a man that chose booze over the woman.

“But if I’d known any better,
I’d be on my way to see what I’m missing now,
Be there a little while
If I’d loved her more than the liquor
and somehow sobered up enough she’d still be around
She only wanted to save me
And I would’ve let her
If I had known any better.”


A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock