Riley Green Brings Back The Glorious Stache For Debut Of The Unreleased “Keep Comin’ Around”

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If you look at the comments on Riley Green‘s most recent Instagram post, the top one about sums it up…

“Hit after hit.”Muscadine Bloodline

They ain’t wrong. Riley has a treasure chest of unreleased songs he’s teased this year, and the latest adds even more excitement for that new album.

Called “Keep Comin’ Around,” Riley sings about being in love with a girl who loves a nowhere town, but most importantly, he brought back that stache which would make Magnum PI proud.

Riley looks to have a pretty damn cozy setup going from Jacksonville, Alabama as he hunts, writes new songs, and grows new staches.

Here’s the latest jam, “Keep Comin’ Around.”

Doin’ work.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock