Riley Green Needs To Record The Unreleased Fan Favorite “That’s What I’ve Been Told” ASAP

In a little over a year, Riley Green has released his debut studio album Different ‘Round Here, an acoustic EP titled Valley Roadand another EP featuring the title track and current single, “If It Wasn’t For Trucks.”

And he’s still sitting on a TON of unreleased song. And we’re not talking about throwaway tunes you write to just mess around or get your reps in, I’m talking about damn good songs, just waiting to find their place on that sophomore album.

Here’s just a quick list of some of the stuff he’s previewed recently:

“Mississippi Or Me”

“That’s My Dixie”

“Because Of Me”

“I Let A Damn Good Woman Leave”

“That Was Us”

“Wild Woman”

And I’m sure there might be one or two others in there that I missed. But this one… this one might just be my favorite.

Titled, “That’s What I’ve Been Told,” Riley originally teased a clip of it back in July, but has since then performed a full acoustic version during one of his Golden Saw Series showsAnd ever since, it has become an instant fan favorite:

I know it, you know it, the American people know it… it’s a certified hit.

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