Titans OL Taylor Lewan Slams A Tall Boy & Rips Shirt Off At Nashville Predators Game

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Nashville, Tennessee. The music capital of America. One of the world’s biggest hubs for entertainment. In a city with so much star power, egos can often run rampant.

But the most entertaining dude in the entire city isn’t even really an entertainer though, and he’s certainly not an egomaniac or prima-donna like many entertainers are.

He’s an athlete, and he actually plays one of the most unexciting but important positions on the football field – offensive lineman.

When he’s not busy getting tattoos, smashing helmets with other fat guys, or running over people smaller than him on the football field, Lewan also co-hosts the popular podcast “Bussin’ with the Boys.” The sports and entertainment podcast is filmed on an actual bus, guaranteed to make you laugh and laugh often, and is co-hosted by NFL linebacker Will Compton.

Lewan was drafted by the Titans in the first round of the 2014 NFL draft after playing college ball at the University of Michigan. Since then he’s evolved into one of the best players on the team and one of the best offensive tackles in the league.

More importantly though, he’s continuously exhibited the type of leadership skills and personality traits that can make any team better. With his larger than life persona, he seems like the kind of guy the whole locker room gravitate towards. The type of guy that can make other dudes want to follow him through a brick wall.

In fact, the man is such a hype machine that his borderline pornographic exhibitions of fandom at Nashville Predators playoff hockey games have become the stuff of legend. Especially in 2018, when the man used a dead catfish to luge multiple beers into and around his mouth.

Well the man, the myth, the legend was back at it again today as the Preds squared off with the Carolina Hurricanes.

As the camera focuses on Lewan, the crowd expects a big show. Instead he gently held up his daughter and daintily waved to the crowd like he’s the Queen of England or some shit.

After the lovely family photo, the Jumbotron showed the legendary catfish footage and the crowd erupted.

Then the camera panned back to big #77 and he lived up to the hype he built himself. He went full wild man mode and the crowd gave him a standing ovation.

Even Predators player Ryan Johanson had to laugh at Lewan while on the ice.

Of course both hockey and football fans online loved the spectacle too.

“I’m at my first hockey game. Someone threw a catfish on the ice?  

And an OL for the Titans just Stone Cold’d a couple pounders on the jumbotron.

Not sure what’s going on but I do know I’m a lifelong Predators fan now.” 

If you say you don’t want this man on your team, or at least rooting for your team, then you lie like a dog in the mid day sun.

That crazy son of a b*tch is the exact type of guy you want protecting your franchise quarterback and rallying your troops.

And… the Preds won.

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