The CMA Awards Announce That Morgan Wallen Will Be Eligible This Year… But Only In Some Categories

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It seems like the Morgan Wallen comeback tour is officially up and running, and the slow but sure return to the country music spotlight is underway.

He was seen recently at Kid Rock’s bar in Nashville earlier this week, singing some his hit songs “Wasted On You” “Sand In My Boots” and “Whiskey Glasses.” It was his first time performing since the racial slur incident this past February.

It’s even been speculated by some (us) that he’s been working on some music with the legend Ronnie Dunn, himself.

Now, it appears he’s finally starting to slowly fall back into the good graces of Nashville, as it’s just been announced that he will be eligible for the 2021 CMA Awards.

According to Music Row, the CMA Board of Directors announced that he will be eligible for the best Single, Song, Album, Musical Event, and Music Video of the Year categories, in an effort not to limit the opportunity for other collaborators within his music.

However, he will not be eligible for individual artist categories, such as Entertainer and Male Vocalist of the Year.

Well there ya have it…. seems like they’ll let the music win, but not Morgan. Either way, it’ll be interesting to see if he the votes can match the success he’s had on the charts this past year. Although, I imagine he won’t be given a performance slot either…

Of course, Morgan also recently secured six Billboard Music Awards nominations as well this year, but the BBMAs announced that he would not be allowed to participate. I suppose the jury is still out on whether or not he’ll be invited to the ceremony.

The 55th Annual CMA Awards are set for this November.

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