Is Morgan Wallen Working On A Collaboration With Ronnie Dunn?

Ronnie Dunn, Morgan Wallen et al. posing for a photo

Ok, this got my attention.

We recently posed the question on Twitter of which country collabs people want to see right now.

We got some great answers, like Eric Church and Kip Moore, Chris Stapleton and Dolly Parton, and of course, Koe Wetzel and Post Malone.

Oh, and of course this one from the great Ray Wylie Hubbard, which is honestly probably the correct answer.

But Morgan Wallen and Ronnie Dunn?

Didn’t see that one coming.

Now to make perfectly clear, I don’t know if it’s actually coming or not. But a picture posted to Instagram by Big Loud Records CEO Seth England definitely had the Morgan Wallen fans buzzing that there’s something in the works.

The picture shows England with both Wallen and Dunn in the Big Loud offices together last week, calling Dunn “the voice that got me into country music” and Wallen “the voice that’s keeping me going.”

Now, while Morgan Wallen is signed to Big Loud Records, Ronnie Dunn is not, which can sometimes present problems with recording collabs. But Ronnie IS on Little Will-E Records, a label started by…Ronnie Dunn. So, if he wanted to work with an artist on another label, I think it would be pretty easy to get permission from the boss… since he’s… the boss.

So do Morgan and Ronnie have something in the works? Or is this just Morgan hanging out with a legend like Ronnie Dunn?

I guess we’ll have to wait to find out.

I gotta admit, it’s not a collaboration that I would have expected…but it’s definitely not one that I would hate either.

As one fan pointed out: It’s “Neon Moon” vs. “Neon Eyes.”

And speaking of a Ronnie Dunn collab (and “neon”), check out Triston Marez’s duet with Ronnie, “Where The Neon Lies.”

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