Matthew Perry Gets The Ben Affleck Treatment, Girl On Dating App Shares Awkward Flirting Video On TikTok

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Welp, looks like this is becoming the new norm.

Newly-single celebrities like Ben Affleck and Matthew Perry hop on the ultra-exclusive dating app Raya, start awkwardly chatting it up with some beautiful (much younger) woman, end up sending some cringy-ass video, she puts it on TikTok, we write a hilarious story about it… it’s the circle of life right now.

We just recently saw Ben Affleck in the spotlight after a woman unmatched him thinking she was getting catfished. Ben sent her a message to prove it was him, she shared the video on TikTok, we all said “OOF…” and that was that.

Read full Ben Affleck story HERE

But she has apparently inspired others to come out with their encounters.

And now, it’s Friends star Matthew Perry’s turn.

According to Page Six, Perry matched with 19-year-old Kate Haralson (she’s 20 now) who said that he was only a year older than her dad.

And while she admitted that he was too old for her, she thought it would be “funny” to chat with him.

“I was not really thinking anything of it… never even really watched ‘Friends.’”

Because she’s too young Matt…

Anyways, this conversation apparently happened last may, but when they matched, Perry wanted to hop on a Facetime and play “20 questions” to get to know each other better. She obliged. But in light of what happened to Ben Affleck, she decided to share the video now:

“Honestly, I never really had any intention of posting it, but then I saw that one video, and thought, ‘Oh, this would be funny.’ I didn’t expect it to blow up as fast as it did.”

However, she admits that she’s getting a lot of hate for putting their private conversation on the internet. Nivine Jay, the girl who outted Ben Affleck earlier this week, has advised her to “ignore all the hate comments.”

Got themselves a little girls club, eh?

“You post something and you just have to expect for some people to be on your side and others to be on their side. Obviously, a lot of people are going to take his side since he’s a celeb TV character, but that’s OK.”

However, she has since deleted the video because she “did feel a little bit bad,” adding that he was actually a “really nice guy.”

Chandler? Of course he’s a nice guy. She wouldn’t get that though…

“I just did it more for the joke of it, which sounds mean, but I didn’t think anything of it. I thought it was more so innocent and harmless.”

But she also adds that the age difference is a bit unsettling.

“Honestly, it’s not really OK for these older guys to be talking to such young girls.”

Either way, it looks like it worked out for Perry… he got engaged to Molly Hurwitz back in November.

Here’s a clip from their awkward 20 questions game.


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