Parker McCollum Dubs Miranda Lambert “The Dolly Parton Of Our Era”

Miranda Lambert and woman posing for a picture

Parker McCollum is on his way to becoming a household name in the country music world, and then you have Miranda Lambert, who is well-established as household name already. Perhaps superstar is the better word.

After Miranda’s run of sold out shows at the iconic Billy Bob’s Texas, it’s easy to see why Texans were begging for her to come back to her home state. She even broke down in tears at one of the concerts, so it isn’t hard to imagine how much the opportunity meant for her, especially after such a long layoff last year.

Billy Bob’s also showed their respects to Miranda on Sunday, saying how much fun it has been having her there.

Parker McCollum commented on that picture, calling Miranda the Dolly Parton of our era.

“The Dolly of our era.”

Now, we’re seeing the venue share even more photos from Miranda’s iconic performances, as they Tweeted this out yesterday.

Parker McCollum followed up his comments, saying it was a hill he’d die on:

“I’ll die on that hill.”

Many consider those to be bold words, which they are. But he ain’t lying. I would argue that Miranda is hands down the most iconic female country artist of the last 10 years, one of the most decorated, and she’s also someone who’s made it to the top by doing it their own way. She tells it like it is, writes it like it is, and Dolly has always done that as well.

On top of that, she always puts her philanthropy first, like her non-profit “MuttNation Foundation,” that benefits animal shelters across the United States.

Now, she has a long way to go considering Dolly has her own theme park, but hey, a bar on Broadway is in the works so that’s a pretty good start. So, if there is one woman who comes close to Dolly in this era, it’s 1,000% Miranda Lambert.

Then again, the way Dolly is still kicking ass, Dolly is pretty much the Dolly of our era.

But the best part… Miranda ain’t even close to being done building this country music legacy.

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