Miranda Lambert Breaks Down Singing “The House That Built Me” To Sold Out Crowd During First Night Of Shows At Billy Bob’s Texas

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Miranda Lambert is back home in the lone star state for a run of shows at the iconic venue, Billy Bob’s Texas.

Not surprisingly, she sold them out and played the first one last night to a packed crowd. During a touching performance of her massive hit “The House That Built Me,” she got visibly emotional and could hardly even sing the words.

She prompted the crowd to help her out for a large portion of the song and they even gave her a standing ovation in return. It’s the first live concert she’s played since COVID started last year, and you can tell just how grateful and excited she is to be back doing what she does best.

She’s talked before about how important that song is to her, so you have to imagine it hits home, in both senses of the word… being back in Texas, but mainly just being on stage at all.

It gets me so beyond excited to see major artists like her finally get back to playing live shows:

Damn, I can’t wait for her to (hopefully) get back on tour soon. She hinted doing just that, and possibly even releasing new music, during press for ACM’s where she performed three separate times and absolutely killed it.

So, hopefully we could see some sort of announcement for all of that in the coming weeks or months.

To top it all off, she got a surprise visit from one of her Marfa Tapes collaborators and co-writers Jack Ingram to sing their song “Tequila Does”.

Tell me it shouldn’t be her next single

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