Casey Donahew’s “Drove Me To The Whiskey” Is Such An Underrated Sad Song

Guilty as charged, I’m a sucker for sad country songs…

Something about connecting to things deep inside you really makes a sad country song so powerful and this one gets you in all the right ways.

Casey Donahew released his One Light Town album in 2019 and “Drove Me To The Whiskey” was the last single released from the project, but he sure did save the best for last.

The song is a twist on the typical story of a man drinking whiskey to deal with old memories. In this one he’s still not over an ex and trying to hide it from his current girlfriend. He’s torn, not wanting to hurt this girl, but knowing it’s really unfair for her.

I still remember the first time I heard this song (pulling out of a Walmart, waiting for the light to change) and the immediate chills I got from the last line of the chorus. Something about it struck that something inside me.

It’s not your fault that you’re not her
It’s just this memory in my head
You know you always want the ones that you can’t have
But still I tear myself apart
Knowing you’re the one that breaks
I pray every night that you don’t hear the phone.

But I still call her when I get drunk
And she shows up and drives me home
When I’m drownin’ in a memory that ain’t her
Staring at her windshield, headed home
And praying she don’t see she’s not the one
That drove me to the whiskey.

Jaime Pierce sings the harmonies and one powerful line at the end of the song. I never heard of her before, but judging by how she sounds in this, there’s some serious vocal talent there.

I can’t find anything on Spotify or YouTube, but I’ll be on the lookout and be sure to let you all know if she puts anything out.

Pour a whiskey, turn this one up and feel all the feels, they’ll be plenty.

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A beer bottle on a dock