‘American Idol’ Contestant Impresses With Gritty Performance Of Tyler Childers’ “Hard Times”

Tyler Childers and American Idol… not exactly two names you’d expect to hear in the same sentence.

However last night, we saw Idol hopeful, Cecil Ray, perform “Shake The Frost” in honor of his daughter, and then Chayce Beckham came through with some old school Bottles & Bibles era Childers.

The Apple Valley, CA, native made the most of his opportunity with a gritty performance of Tyler Childers’ “Hard Times.”

As with most contestants on the show, we get to see Beckham’s testimony on what “Hard Times” means to him. He explains that he was recently at the lowest point of his life, making bad decision after bad decision, and then was hit with a huge wake-up call that almost cost him his life. One night, he decided to go behind the wheel drunk, and flipped his truck on the road.

So while he may not look the traditional country music “type” like some of the other contestants wearing the cowboy hat, jeans, and boots… singing Tyler Childers from a place of authenticity and honesty… well, that’s about as country as it gets.

And of course, the original:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock