Tyler Childers’ Tour Manager, Kyle Crownover, Debuts New Song “I’m Getting Better,” Previews Upcoming EP, ‘Another Day In Our 20s’

Country music world, let me introduce you to Kyle Crownover.

Handling tour manager duties for Parker Millsap back in 2017, Crownover got to see Tyler Childers and the Food Stamps at a July show in Indianapolis. He spent a little time with Tyler’s manager at the concert, they exchanged info, and the rest is history.

Here’s the full backstory:

“I saw Tyler and the Food Stamps for the first time in July of 2017, about a month before Purgatory came out. It was in Indianapolis. I was tour managing for Parker Millsap at that time and they were both playing the show that night with Nikki Lane. I got to hang out with Tyler’s manager at the merch booth for most of the show and before they pulled out we exchanged contact info.

I reached out and said ‘I sleep great on air mattresses and would love to help out if y’all ever needed someone to tour manage or sell merch.’ Four months later his manager called and asked if I was available for a few weekends of shows. I was so excited BUT it was also the same weekend as my brother’s wedding. I called my brother and asked if he’d forgive me and he let me off the hook. He still gives me a hard time about it but that’s probably a little deserved.

Luckily, Tyler and his team ended up keeping me on and it’s been such an amazing time the last 4 years and I’m very grateful to get to play a small part.”

But now, Kyle is ready to take the stage himself with release of his new 4-song EP, Another Day In Our 20s.

“‘Another Day in our 20s’ EP is four songs about me flailing my way through my 20s and wondering if and when I’m going to find my place. It’s about me leaving my hometown, figuring out which parts of my life I wanted to hold on to, and which parts I wanted to let go. Its about getting better, but sometimes at the wrong things.

These aren’t the newest songs I’ve written, but they’re ones that mean a lot to me and fit well together and are four different snapshots of what it’s been like for me in my 20s so far.”

A self-produced project, Crownover enlisted the help of a number of touring musicians to play on the EP, guys that play with artists like Ashley McBryde, Gabby Barrett and Pam Tillis.

“I produced this EP. Matt Helmkamp who plays with Ashley McBryde played the electric guitars. Aksel Coe who has played with artists from Pam Tillis to Okey Dokey played drums. And my best friend / roommate Chas Covington who plays with Gabby Barrett played bass.

I also couldn’t have done this without Robbie Artress who mixed and engineered this EP. If you love the way it sounds, it’s because of these guys. Also if you don’t love the way it sounds then it’s also because of these guys.” 

Another Day In Our 20s set to drop on March 12th, however you can get an exclusive look at one of the tracks, “I’m Getting Better,” right here. The new tune was co-written alongside Chandler Baldwin of LANCO and Nick Carpenter of Medium Build.

“I’m Getting Better”

Another Day In Our 20s Tracklist:

1. Nowhere No Woman
2. The Coming Of Age
3. I’m Getting Better
4. Another Day In Our 20s

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