16-Year-Old Kid Wows ‘American Idol’ Judges With Original Country Song “Nowhere”

I don’t want to jump to conclusions, but American Idol may have found a country star in the making.

Caleb Kennedy, just a small town, 16-year-old kid from Roebuck, SC, wowed Luke Bryan, Katy Perry, and Lionel Richie on the audition stage last night with his performance of an original song titled, “Nowhere.”

In the video, he talks about how he struggled with his parent’s divorce, as well as his self-confidence. But with a powerful, Luke Combs-esque delivery, it’s not going to take long before he realizes the talent and potential he has. And just when the nerves started to take over for Kennedy, Bryan offered him a bit of assurance:

“You ain’t the only kid out there who’s lacking self-confidence these days, your voice tells a story far beyond a 16-year-old kid.”

Is he going to win American Idol this year? No, probably not. But the ceiling is high for this youngin’ who at just 16 years old is already writing his own songs every day. Once he finds a second verse for that song, as well as a little more confidence, and perhaps just some more experience, he could be well on his way.

Slick mullet too…

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