Joe Buck Details Drinking Tequila With Troy Aikman In The Booth During NFL Games

Troy Aikman, Joe Buck are posing for a picture

I don’t always love these broadcasts, but I respect this move.

Power move, but a smart move.

Get the vocals all velvety, the mind firing on all cylinders, and let the body decompress. We already know booze can make you smarter and more creative when done right, so why not take that to your gig in an NFL booth as millions watch on?

Joe Buck and Troy Aikman did just that, as Joe told Colin Cowherd.

Specifically, tequila.

“We’ve had that glass of bourbon in the booth—although it’s not bourbon; it’s tequila, a splash of Grand Marnier, and grapefruit juice.

I went through a couple of years where in the first inning of every postseason baseball game, I had the runner go get the biggest beer that the stadium sold, and I had it sitting there and I would sip it from time to time to remind myself to relax and have fun. I’m just doing a game.

I brought that over to football, but because Troy is a man of finer tastes, beer somehow became tequila, Grand Marnier, and grapefruit juice. We haven’t done it in a long time now, but it was good for a stretch, and I feel like it’s a good mental trigger to just chill and remind yourself you’re not refueling an F-16 in midflight.

You’re doing a sporting event, and if you treat it like anything other than that, you’re doing yourself a disservice.”

I’d be shooting George Strait’s stuff, keeping it simple, but hey that’s just me.

You can listen to the full clip below.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock