Koe Wetzel Joins Austin Meade For Wildly Entertaining “Happier Alone” Music Video

Music videos really are a lost art.

They probably peaked in the ’90s which is why this new one from Koe Wetzel and Austin Meade is so damn good… it’s got that peak ’90s vibe to it. And not just because it’s set in a roller rink…

The new “Happier Alone” video finds Koe as the fed-up janitor at the local shithole roller rink, meanwhile Austin takes on the role of nerdy manager in one scene, as well as the rowdy house band.

Funny, high-energy and dipped in a bit of nostalgia, it’s everything you want from a music video these days.

Austin’s upcoming album Black Sheep is set to hit shelves on February 21st… buckle up.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock