Tyler Childers Addresses Racial Injustice, Calls For Empathy & Explains His New Song “Long Violent History”


Tyler Childers just dropped a bomb on the country music community in the form a surprise album titled Long Violent HistoryThe impressive collection of instrumental old fiddle tunes culminates in the album’s title track, a commentary on the racial injustice and police brutality that is currently plaguing our society.

Naturally, subject matter such as this will inevitably result in a myriad of comments, both in praise and opposition, for the views that Tyler espouses. After all, Chris Stapleton simply saying that the lives of black people matter, resulted in folks calling for a boycott.

Which is why Tyler got out in front of the commentary with a 6-plus minute, articulate and thought-provoking explanation, clearly stating why he made the record, why he wrote the song, what it means, and how we can move forward with empathy and compassion.

“‘Long Violent History’ is a collection of instrumental pieces intended to create a sonic soundscape for the listener, to set the tone to reflect on the last track which is my own observational piece on the times we are in.”

And aside from revealing his new found sobriety, Tyler admits that he has no soapbox to stand on, however he also would find it “a waste” to not use the platform he has for good.

He calls for empathy, he calls for compassion, he calls for understanding, he calls for us to engage in the political process and vote, he calls for folks to stop getting so angry at the idea that black lives matter, and he calls for new ways to preserve Southern heritage outside of “lazily defending a flag with history steeped in racism and treason.”

And finally, he call for us all to…

“Love each other, no exceptions. And remember… united we stand, divided we fall.”

If you do anything today, find a few minutes to watch this.

And once again, 100% of the net proceeds from this album will benefit the Hickman Holler Appalachian Relief Fund, which, established by Senora May and Tyler Childers, aims to bring awareness and financial support for philanthropic efforts in the Appalachian Region.

“Long Violent History”

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