Eric Church on Morgan Wallen: “He’s Real Damn Good and He’s Authentic”

Eric Church with his hands on his hips

Chief speaks.

Morgan Wallen‘s new album, Dangerous: The Double Album, gave fans 30 songs and plenty to analyze.

We’ve always stressed authenticity here at Whiskey Riff. It makes it so much easier, and more enjoyable, to fully absorb an artist’s work when you know it’s not coming from bullshit.

While Morgan Wallen’s music definitely isn’t for everyone, he is who he is. He has owned it. He’s had his ups and downs (and sings about that on the album).

It’s unfair to lump Wallen in with artists like Florida Georgia Line if you’re asking me – Morgan is much more clever and poignant with his lyrics, song selection and themes, and is not producing a vile product like “New Truck” time and time again.

The fact he loved “Cover Me Up” by Jason Isbell so much he decided to record it says plenty (a duet with Chris Stapleton helps too).

The success Wallen has experienced resulted in him becoming buddies with none other than his idol, Eric Church.

Morgan told Billboard, Eric “knows how much he means to me, which is cool. I don’t obviously just sit around talking about that all the time, you know, being weird. But I told him just to get it out of the way: ‘Hey, by the way, man, I love you, bro.’ ”

Eric said he’s a fan.

“He’s real damn good and he’s authentic,” Church says to Billboard.

“That’s the key. Morgan is not trying to be somebody else. He’s just doing him. It’s refreshing to see and hear.”

Church co-wrote the final song on the album, “Quittin’ Time,” with Luke Laird and Josh Thompson.

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