Chris Stapleton Joins Morgan Wallen For Barstool Heartbreaker “Only Thing That’s Gone”

The wait is over.

Morgan Wallen’s highly-anticipated double album Dangerous is finally here, and forgive me jumping the gun and skipping around, but you know I had to hear that Chris Stapleton duet first.

Written by Morgan Wallen, Matt Dragstrem, Chase McGill, and Josh Thompson, “Only Thing That’s Gone” is a tear in your beer, good old fashioned, country music, barstool heartbreaker.

“Bartender pour me one more
Make it quick and make it strong
Cuz buddy my last drink
Ain’t the only thing that’s gone.

And I ain’t got nowhere to be
And I’d rather not go home
Cuz buddy my last drink
Ain’t the only thing that’s gone.”

Of the collaboration, Wallen called it a proud moment:

“To collaborate with someone like him who’s respected by the fans, by the community, by me… we come from kinda the same area in the would and the Southeastern part of the country. He clearly has a background in bluegrass and I kinda do too. I grew up loving that.

I had a shortlist of people that I wanted to collaborate with, and he was on there, obviously. We sent him three or four songs to decide which one he would like to be on, if any of them at all. This is the one he came back with and said he wanted to be on. We didn’t get to hang out, mostly because of COVID, but he did his verse and harmonies for the song.

It was a special moment for me to hear that, just to be able to collaborate with him, I hope that we’ll get to plat it sometime live together.”

One down, twenty-nine to go…

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock