BRAVE Florida Man Snags His Golf Ball Off A Gator’s Tail

Every time you turn around they got gators on the course… why even golf in Florida anymore?

We just saw this dinosaur-lookin’ BEAST roaming a course in Naples, and now here we are with another one in Coral Coral.

Only this time, the gator had the golfer’s ball… ON HIS TAIL.

Now normally, I’m a big stickler for the ol’ “play it as it lies” rule of golf, but here, I think I can make an exception. And better yet, just leave the ball there. I don’t know what our golfer here was working with, but apparently that ball meant more to him than the possibility of losing a hand and finishing out the rest of his days like ol’ Chubbs Peterson.

Even our cameraman here (the guy’s brother) offered a word of caution:

“He’s gonna whip you with that tail dude.”

Yeah, that’s gonna be a big ol’ NOPE from me…

All in all, no harm no fould… however, the gator appears to be a bit of a local celebrity around the course.

According to NBC, his name is Charlie and he clocks in somewhere around 9-10 feet long.

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A beer bottle on a dock