Dude On Moped Pulls Knife On Pickup Truck Dad During Road Rage Incident After Dad Launches Him

Moped vs Pickup Truck…who ya got!?

The following craziness took place on Shelbyville Road in Louisville, Kentucky (on December 3) and shows a road rage incident end when the guy on the moped pulls a knife on the driver of a pickup truck – a fitting interaction for 2020.

The person filming from the tailing car unfortunately didn’t catch what really set this thing off, but you can see the moped swerve at the pickup truck and also try to kick it (classic do no damage but potentially wreck yourself move).

Once they turn, the moped keeps after the pickup truck, when they both finally pull over.

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What appears to be a regular dad gets out, calmly approaches the moped rider, words are exchanged, and the dad shoves/launches the guy about 10 feet. That’s when moped man realizes he probably can’t keep up with that level of dad strength, pulls the knife, but does no damage.

Pops didn’t look too concerned.

Watch it all go down.

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