Blake Shelton On Cardinals Miraculous Hail Mary Win: “I Died, Came Back To Life, & Sh*t My Pants”

Blake Shelton and woman
Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Week 10 action in the NFL, and if you missed the end of the Bills/Cardinals game, you missed one hell of a finish.

With about 30 seconds left in the game, Bills quarterback Josh Allen hit Stefon Diggs, who made a spectacular diving catch, in the end zone to take the lead.

And then, with the Bills up by 4, and only about 10 seconds on the clock, Kyler Murray and the Arizona Cardinals had one last shot at the end zone.

You already know what happened…

And nobody was happier than Blake Shelton.

“My god Arizona Cardinals. What a game!! Congrats!!! I died, came back to life, shit my pants and hyperextended my scrotum all in 30 seconds!!!!”

Blake, an Oklahoma native and longtime Arizona Cardinals fan, also “pulled his scrotum celebrating the Cardinals comeback win over the 49ers back in September.

The Cardinals are currently in first place in the NFC West, which I guess is good news for Blake… probably not good for his hyperextended scrotum though…

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