Brent Cobb Makes “Country Music for Grown Folks”

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Aubrey Davis

Brent Cobb is a name that every country music fan should know.

Shine On Rainy Day and Providence Canyon have both resonated deeply with traditional country music fans, and his new album Keep ‘Em on They Toes is another impressive example of his honest and sincere country songwriting. At the end of the day, it’s really simple… he isn’t afraid to tell the truth.

And while he’s penned songs for Luke Bryan, Kenny Chesney, Miranda Lambert and more, on this new record, Luke Bryan (perhaps to your surprise) returned the favor co-writing “Good Times And Good Love.”

Here’s a few must-listens from the new album.

“Dust Under My Rug”

Written by: Brent Cobb, Wyatt McCubbin and Joshua Taylor

It’s real easy… nobody wants to deal with your shit, so keep it to yourself. A message we can all agree with, especially in these divisive times. Go ahead and get down to this groove immediately.

“Now, don’t sweep your dust under my rug
Don’t hang your laundry on my line
Don’t drag my name through your mud
Cause things just might get dirty if you try.”

“Sometimes I’m a Clown”

Written by: Brent Cobb, Neil Mason & Jeff Hyde

Brent’s honest reflection of real life is a necessary reminder that we’re all just chugging along.

“Oh, sometimes I’m a clown
But the future ain’t no joke
The days just don’t slow down
The punch line’s funny till you choke
And I keep my act sincere
Happy faces in the crowd
Laughing through the tears
Oh, sometimes I’m a clown”

“Good Times and Good Love”

Written by: Brent Cobb & Luke Bryan

Now I know what you’re thinking, this guy writes with Luke Bryan? Forget about any negative thoughts you might have and give this one a shot. It’s an easy favorite of mine.

“’Cause good times and good love don’t last forever
That’s too bad because those are two things I really like
You know you make the good times even better
So let’s get together and make some good love last all night”

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