Would You Go To A Concert In A Plastic Bubble?

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Just how bad do you want to be back at a concert?

Bad enough that you would get in a plastic bubble if that’s what it takes?

Artists are still trying to figure out how to safely get back on stage in front of fans in the age of COVID. Some aren’t touring at all, some are playing drive-in shows, some are sticking to livestream concerts on social media (although I think those have pretty much run their course), and some are just saying “fuck it” and playing shows like nothing is going on.

Well, it looks like The Flaming Lips are trying out another way to get people back to concerts safely: Plastic bubbles.

The band played a show this week for a music video shoot where everybody was encased in their own plastic bubble – including each member of the band.

Dafuq? It looks like some bad foam party where the bubbles got too out of control.

How do people even stand up in these? Would you bump into the people around you and knock them down? Is it hot as hell in there? Can you even breathe? I have so many questions right now.

I could be wrong, but I don’t think this is the wave of the future for concerts. It may be a novelty, something cool to do for a video shoot, but it seems like being in a bubble would be pretty distracting from the actual show. And can you imagine trying to roll that thing out to the concourse to get a beer or take a leak?

I think for now, it’s safe to say that I won’t be attending any concert that makes me get into a plastic bubble.

But once Eric Church drops that new (double?) album and heads back on tour – you never know, maybe I would.

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