Eric Church Might ACTUALLY Be Releasing A Double Album – Here’s Why

Eric Church with a beard

Nobody panic, but I’m starting to think Eric Church is ACTUALLY releasing a double album.

Here’s why.

Back in January, Eric and company holed up in the mountains of North Carolina for nearly a month and cranked out 28 songs in 28 days. No agenda, no plan, just organic creativity unleashed. Wrote ’em in the morning, recorded ’em at night… they did it all, going balls to the wall for a month straight.

So here we are with 28 new songs in the middle of a pandemic and Eric has all the time in the world to figure out what he wants to do with them. After all, nobody is touring any time soon. And then, the possibility of a double album came into play when Eric said that we were going to get to here ALL of the songs, one way or another.

“I believe it needs to be an album, it needs to be listened to as an album. That’s the way I listen so that’s what I’m gonna make whatever this next project turns out to be. It’s gonna be conceived that way and made that way.”

Funny how it’s been five months since this tweet and the shitstorm has only gotten worse.

Anyways, now that Eric has released three songs from the upcoming project, it’s starting to become even more clear. All signs are starting to point to a double album.

Here’s some evidence to support the theory:

Exhibit A: The Website

Eric’s website got a redesign and it’s now split into a red half and a blue half.

Why? For a red album and a blue album.

Eric Church wearing glasses

Exhibit B: Cover Art

The first song, “Stick That In Your Country Song,” was released with red album art, the follow up “Bad Mother Trucker,” with blue, and now the new one, “Crazyland,” is back to red.

I’m thinking that we have two songs from the red album and one from the blue album so far.

We also have certain words in the titles that are in bold, but we’re going to have to see a few more songs to piece that puzzle together.

A kitchen with a sink and a toaster oven

It’s just a theory right now, operating with very limited information and a lot of speculation, but think about it…. what has Eric not done yet?

He’s always looking to take it to the next level and the give fans everything he’s got. And right now, what he’s got is 28 songs.

His records have always been phenomenal, and he dropped the surprise album with Mr. Misunderstood, but in recently years, the areas where he’s really WOWED us has been the live show. The Holding My Own Tour where he played two full sets himself with no opener, the Double Down Tour where played back-to-back nights in the same city for over 3 hours a night. Throw in the epic CMA Fest performance, the “Mistress Named Music” medleys, the record setting Nissan Stadium show… the live show is where he’s been making his headlines.

So what do you do to change it up? You hit the fans with a jaw-dropping double album AND THEN, you still go out and crush it with the live show next summer/fall.

I mean, who heard it?

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