A Woman Took Off Her Pants In Middle Of The Post Office & Put Her Underwear On Her Face Because She Forgot Her Mask

What the F*CK is going on the world?

I’ll be the first one to admit this mask stuff sucks, but it’s not that complicated people.

We have “Karen” in Kentucky cutting a hole in hers because it “makes it easier to breathe,” we have angry mobs in Staten Island cussing out people at the grocery store, we have Stone Cold Steve Austin getting called a communist for wearing one, and then we have this… the final straw that proves this entire planet is on the brink of a colossal meltdown.

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Rules? Dignity? Self-respect? Out the damn window…

The lady filmed here walked into the post office to handle some personal postal business and when they wouldn’t serve her without a mask, she did what anybody would do and tried to make one real quick.

But rather than finding a scarf or a handkerchief, or literally anything else, this woman drops her pants right in the damn post office, slides her panties off, places them over HER FACE, and puts her pants back on like nothing happened.

Here’s the video – we’re doomed.

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A beer bottle on a dock