Stone Cold Tells Some Bozo To “Shut Up” After His Alabama Face Mask Is Called “Communism”

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In other news today, face masks are apparently a symbol of communism.

Professional wrestler, country music fan, an all-around badass Stone Cold Steve Austin shared a pic to his Instagram donning an Alabama Crimson Tide facemask during a beer run recently. But then, he was called out by one bozo in the comments section for… conforming? I guess… or being a communist? It’s hard to say…

“The mask goes against your reputation! Stay strong, be a rebel, and do not conform! Cool mask, but strip off the communism!”

Stone Cold Steve Austin replied with emphatic:

“Shut up dude.”

Game. Set. Match.

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Imagine talking shit to Stone Cold Steve Austin because he’s choosing to be a responsible member of society and wear a mask? Not to mention, it’s the law in Los Angeles right now to wear a mask in many public places.

Never underestimate the power of a well-placed “shut up dude.”

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