“GET THE F*CK OUT” – Angry Mob Berates Woman For Not Wearing A Mask At The Grocery Store

A group of people in a store

Meanwhile in New York…

A viral video from a Staten Island ShopRite has surfaced showing an angry mob berating a woman for not wearing a mask in the store.

“Dirty ass pig” and dirty ass ho” were just a few on the insults hurled at her as the crowd followed her  down the aisle screaming to “get the fuck out.”

Pure chaos. Just pure chaos… and you gotta love a dude that calls a woman “bro” too, what a clown. And the worst part is that this bozo takes his mask down in the beginning of the video to yell at her. Hypocrisy at its finest.

Obviously nobody likes wearing the masks, but it’s a pretty easy way to avoid situations like this all together. People are on edge, especially in New York, people are afraid, and it’s just easier for everybody if we put the masks on.

However, we can not devolve into screaming lunatics, following people around the store and bullying them over something like this. If it’s that big of a deal to you, you could always just… I don’t know, leave? Or get an employee and they’ll remove the customer from the store. It’s that easy.

And of course Alyssa Milano chimed in with her support for the angry mob.

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