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“Who The F*ck Is Luke Combs?” – What Every Single BTS Fan In The World Is Dying To Know Right Now

Right now, and justifiably so, Luke Combs’ new album What You See Is What You Get is sitting comfortably atop the iTunes Top 100 Albums chart. Yes, that’s good for the number one album in any genre.

Also happening right now, a million BTS fans wondering who the fuck Luke Combs is?

After the BTS failed to take home any wins at the People’s Choice Awards this past weekend, outraged BTS fans, AKA the BTS ARMY, made it their mission to bring the mega-famous K-Pop band’s April album Map of the Soul: Persona back to the top spot on the iTunes charts.

Unfortunately for them, this guy named Luke Combs is standing in the way. And the comments on Twitter are HILARIOUS.

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And it just goes on and on and on and on…

Even the mighty BTS ARMY is no match for the unstoppable freight train of momentum that is Luke Combs right now.

You gotta love it.

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