Chris Stapleton Performs Unreleased New Rocker, “Get Down To Arkansas,” Alongside Brothers Osborne

Chris Stapleton has been performing new music lately and that can only mean one thing… a new record is on the way.

He recently debuted two new songs, “The Bad Side Of The Blood” and “Minimum Wage,” both of which are absolute face-melters, and this new one, “Get Down To Arkansas,” is no different. Stapleton originally debuted this song back in August, alongside openers Brent Cobb and Marcus King, and he told the crowd how the new tune was birthed out of a road trip from Oklahoma City to Nashville.

It wasn’t that long ago that I had a birthday, and I happen to like fast cars, somebody here might like fast cars, I don’t know… So my wife bought me a fast car, but the fast car was in Oklahoma City, so me and JT back there on the bass got dropped off in Oklahoma City and we drove like a bat out of hell through the Ozark Mountains all the way to Nashville, Tennessee, and that’s what this song is all about.”

However this past weekend, Stapleton broke out the new jam with Brothers Osborne and anytime this trio is performing together, you know they’re going to blow the roof off.

Exhibit A.

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A beer bottle on a dock