Kacey Musgraves Issues Statement After Photoshopped Image Showed Her “Liking” Kid Rock’s Taylor Swift Tweet

Kacey Musgraves playing a guitar
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What a fuckin’ mess.

Here’s what’s going on.

Kid Rock lost it on Twitter the other day, tweeting that Taylor Swift would “suck the doorknob off Hollyweird” to be in movies – full story here.

That obviously became the #1 trending topic on Twitter. A day later, Kacey Musgraves got on Twitter to notify fans she had been hacked, or so she thought.

What actually happened was someone photoshopped an image of Kacey’s profile, the Likes section specifically, to show her “liking” that Kid Rock tweet. When Kacey saw that, she assumed she was hacked, and issued a statement.

She talked to Taylor, and everything is cool.

Then, the final clarification.

Yes, a photoshopped image can quickly turn into a total shit storm in the blink of an eye on social media. People photoshop tweets all the time, they go viral, making it look like someone tweeted those actual words, when they did not. Then, they take that fake tweet, post it on Reddit, and wait for it to go viral.

While this case wasn’t an actual tweet, the fake “like” was plenty to stir up wild non-existent controversy between Swift and Kacey.

Like I said, what a fuckin’ mess.

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