Your Grocery Store Is About To Start Selling Breast Milk For Adults

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Wait, what?

According to The Straits Times, big chemical companies like DowDuPont and BASF are investing billions to produce an ingredient commonly found in breast milk.

But they’re not looking to make baby formula… no, they’re making breast milk for adults.

According to the science, HMO is a highly present substance in breast milk, and it’s good for your gut bacteria. It helps babies with immune function and brain development, but new studies show those benefits may help adults as well, as a probiotic of sorts. And now, these companies are spending billions on producing an adult breast milk supplement.

I mean, if you have a baby and you’re a dude, don’t act like you haven’t tried it, but If you can’t get it straight from the source, I suppose this is the next best thing. Just imagine walking into the grocery store and buying breast milk for yourself as a grown-ass adult… and it’s completely normal.

Man, what a time to be alive.

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