Adam Wakefield Premieres “Gods & Ghosts” Acoustic Performance

This man CAN SING.

Stripped down, no bells or whistles, just a guy and his guitar singing country music that way it was meant to be.

We’re excited to be premiering Adam Wakefield’s acoustic performance of “Gods & Ghosts,” the title track off his latest album.

Adam said, “Growing up my mom and brother were very open about their feelings as opposed to me and my dad who were tight-lipped about personal stuff. I think a lot of folks (especially men) have trouble letting other people in and guard their dirty laundry too tight. Just having someone who will listen is important and maybe that’s why people gravitate towards religion. Whether it’s a god of some sort or maybe a lost family member, there is always somebody to talk to.”

Take a listen.

photo credit: Jeff Fasano

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