Cops Shut Down Bingo Night After Brawl Breaks Out At Nursing Home

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Old folks do not fuck around when it comes to bingo night.

According to Fox 8, a massive brawl broke out at a nursing home in Rideau Lakes, Ontario, the other night when two women ages 79 and 86 began arguing over a chair when the altercation became physical. Eventually, others joined in and police were called to break up the Royal Rumble.

Luckily nobody was injured, no hips were broken, and no word yet on whether or not bingo night has been reinstated.

I have to say, I’m pretty shook that this happened in Canada. Canadian people LOVE giving up their seat for somebody else. After playing hockey, it’s pretty much their favorite thing to do. But, when you’re pushing 90 and in a nursing home, bingo is life. It’s trumps everything, even being a polite Canadian.

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