Wheeler Walker, Jr.’s Social Media Accounts Vanish After Backlash For This Tweet

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As you know, we want Whiskey Riff to be your oasis from the political bullshit. Our site, podcast, and social channels are here to entertain you.

Having said that, it’s only fitting we follow up our “Wheeler Walker, Jr. Quits Country Music In Lengthy Twitter Rant” post.

Wheeler, or Ben Hoffman, tweeted the following a few after the post above.

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I’m not going to get into that video. At all. After his tweet, a shit storm hit, with a bunch of people going after Wheeler, and also the real person behind Wheeler, Ben Hoffman. As of 5pm on 1/22/19, there is no @WheelerWalkerJr Twitter or Instagram account active. The same goes for Ben Hoffman.

Once that snowball started rolling, it didn’t stop for Wheeler. The story has been picked up by outlets everywhere, and the tweets aren’t showing any signs of stopping. Stay tuned…

We actually had Wheeler Walker, Jr. on the podcast before all this went down back in December. You can listen to that here.

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