Man Dying Of Alcohol Poisoning Gets Pumped With 15 Cans Of Beer To Save His Life… Huh?

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I’m no doctor, but I shotgun one beer and I feel like I’m going to die. This fella was pumped with 15 cans and somehow lived… what gives?

According to Newsweek, a 48-year-old unconscious man was rushed to the hospital with deadly levels of methanol in his body. Ethanol and methanol are the two forms of alcohol, however methanol is much more dangerous and often found in homemade booze, not the Bud Lights you’re used to drinking. Reports indicate that the man had more than 1,000 times the recommended amount.

So he’s dying from alcohol poisoning and what do they do? Pumped him full of more beer.

The medical staff immediately administered him with three cans of beer, and one an hour for the next 12 hours, totaling 15 beers. Apparently, the increased alcohol overloaded the liver, slowing down the rate at which it would process the methanol. This gave the doctors more time to perform dialysis and remove the alcohol from his system completely, allowing the man regain consciousness and live.

I don’t why this is news? All I heard was a man was dying from alcohol poisoning and they gave even more alcohol… and he lived. In 2019, people don’t read shit, they read headlines and act like they know stuff. The next time some dumbass college kid drinks himself unconscious, his idiot friend is going to say “I read this thing this one time about giving him more booze, that’ll help him.”

And, instead of calling the hospital, they give him more alcohol, he dies, and you go to jail…

Moral of the story, don’t try this at home kids.

Oh, and don’t ride a horse drunk, that’s dumb too.

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