Zach Top Delivers Knockout Cover Of The George Strait Hit “Nobody In His Right Mind Would’ve Left Her”

Zach Top Country Music
Zach Top

Zach Top is laying down a classic from the great George Strait.

Once again, the Washington native proves his voice was MADE for classic country. Top is an old soul reincarnated, bringing back the classic sound of the ’80s through his jukebox jams like “Sounds Like The Radio” and “Cold Beer & Country Music” while also moaning out heartbreak ballads like “I Never Lie” and “Use Me.”

While I could listen to Top’s original work all day long, nothing hits harder than the original songs that shaped the genre during the ’80s. George Strait was one of those critical artists who defined the decade, as well as the ’90s and after, but give me 80s Strait over ’90s Strait any day of the week. Here, Top is tipping his hat to the legend covering “Nobody In His Right Would’ve Left Her.”

Written by the great Dean Dillion, a frequent George Strait collaborator, “Nobody In His Right Mind Would’ve Left Her” was originally recorded and released by Dean himself in 1980. Dean’s version actually charted, reaching 25 on the Billboard Hot Country chart. The great Keith Whitley also recorded the track, and released it as a deep cut on his 1985 LA To Miami record. The album featured a few Dean Dillon cuts, including “Miami, My Amy” and “Homecoming 63.”

But it was the George Strait who released the most iconic version of the song. Released as the lead single from his #7 album, the song topped the Hot Country chart in August of 1986.

Posed in a lush environment, Top sits down with his acoustic guitar, stripping back the melody to let his vocals and the lyrics of the 1986 hit shine. From the jump, Top’s silky smooth twangs coat listeners’ ears, sounding like you have stepped back in time.

The lyrics are delivered tenderly, but Top still portrays the hurt in his voice as though he is experiencing the heartbreak Dillon is detailing.

“I burn with desire each time my heart fans the fire
To that old flame that burns inside of me
She cried when I left her, now I cry to forget her
Oh, how foolish I was to ever want to leave.”

Zach Top is one of the best voices on the scene right now, turning back the clock by taking listeners straight to the heart of country music in the ’80s and ’90s. I’d be over the moon if a cover album was in your future with this song on the tracklist.

And here’s the King George version:

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