Zach Top Lets His Inner ’90s Star Shine On New Single “Sounds Like The Radio,” Announces Debut Album ‘Cold Beer & Country Music’

Zach Top
Zach Top

2024 is about to be the year for Zach Top.

Zach transports listeners straight back to the ’90s with his new book-kickin’ single “Sounds Like The Radio.” Last week, Top was heavily teasing the single, giving a January 12th date for the music video release, which many thought would coincide with the track’s release on streaming platforms.

However, Top threw his fans a curve ball, dropping the track on a Monday.

The track sounded like a heater from the snippets he shared on social media, and it did not disappoint one bit.

Zach Top shows he is a combo of all the ’90s legends reincarnated (although many are still alive) through the composition and the lyrics of “Sounds Like The Radio.” His sound is a true rebirth of the famed decade of country music. From the opening life of:

“Well, the day I was born,
The doctor couldn’t believe
I came out crying ‘Chattahoochee…”

To Tops’s deep twangs to the Western swing-style melody, this song is the definition of what should be shuffled on jukeboxes across America. This song is the perfect nod to the ’90s.

“Sounds like a damn good time
Soaking up some neon light
Well, it’s a little bit of fiddle 
And a whole lot of country gold
Yeah, my whole life
Sounds like the radio.” 

This sums up how the country music collective feels about the release of this single:

@whiskeyriff Nothin’ quite like a nod to the ‘90s. #whiskeyriff #countrymusic #zachtop #newmusic #Meme #MemeCut ♬ Sounds Like the Radio – Zach Top

This was the traditional song that country music needed for the new year.

The single has already resonated heavily with listeners, becoming the number 1 most added song on country radio this week. That says a lot because I’m not sure everyone is looking for new music heavily on a Monday afternoon.

With the music video dropping Friday, I can’t wait to see what visuals Top creates to bring this song to life further.

Aside from the early success of the single, Top also shares more exciting news that 2024 holds a new album coming out. Top announces his debut album, Cold Beer & Country Music, slated for an April 5th release.

“Creating ‘Cold Beer & Country Music’ has been an incredible journey. This album is a labor of love, a reflection of my roots, and a celebration of the timeless spirit of country music.” 

Top is spot on when he strives to create timeless country music. I feel his music will be the kind of ‘good country’ our kids talk about one day. I hope April gets here soon because I am very excited to see what this album has in store.

‘Cold Beer & Country Music’ Track List:

“Sounds Like The Radio” (Zach Top, Carson Chamberlain, Wyatt McCubbin)
“Cold Beer & Country Music” (Zach Top, Carson Chamberlain)
“Cowboys Like Me Do” (Zach Top, Carson Chamberlain, Roger Springer)
“There’s The Sun” (Zach Top, Carson Chamberlain, Wyatt McCubbin)
“Dirt Turns To Gold” (Zach Top, Carson Chamberlain, Paul Overstreet)
“The Kinda Woman I Like” (Zach Top, Carson Chamberlain, Michael White)
“Lonely For Long” (Zach Top, Carson Chamberlain, Mark Nesler)
“Bad Luck” (ZachTop, Carson Chamberlain, Mark Nesler)
“Use Me” (Zach Top, Carson Chamberlain, Tim Nichols)
“Ain’t That A Heartbreak” (Zach Top, Carson Chamberlain, Paul Overstreet)
“I Never Lie” (Zach Top, Carson Chamberlain, Tim Nichols)
“Things To Do” (Zach Top, Carson Chamberlain, Mark Nesler)

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock