Zach Top Brings Two Lonely Hearts Together On New Single “Use Me”

Zach Top country music
Zach Top

Zach Top does not miss.

The rising star released another stellar heartbreak ballad today. Right off the high of his last single, “Sounds Like The Radio,” top slows down the tempo for a track about two lonely hearts needing love for the night.

Co-written by Zach along with Carson Chamberlain and Tim Nichols, “Use Me” paints the picture of two lonely souls crossing paths at a honky tonk and pretending to fall in love for that night. While both characters know that their love story is fiction, they lean into the warm embrace of the stranger and pretend they are each other’s forever to fill a void.

“Use Me” showcases once again Top’s ability to connect with his audience on a personal level. With Top’s debut album, Cold Beer & Country Music, around the corner from dropping (April 5th), this single is the perfect preview for the dynamic songwriting and classic country sounds we will hear throughout the album.

“Cheatin’ waltzes. That’s what the hip kids are into these days.”

Top keeps his classic country sound on the track, showing influence from Keith Whitley, Alan Jackson, and other country music legends. He is known for making listeners feel as though they are transported back to the golden years of country music, and this song does just that.

The subject matter is heartbreakingly beautiful as Top masterfully spins the lyrics into a story, delivering each line with care.

“And tell me you love me
Tell me you need me I know we both know it ain’t true
And I’ll whisper you’re everything I’ve ever wanted
I’ll pretend if you’ll pretend too
Oh tell me you love me
And use me like I’m usin’ you..”

Turn this one all the way up today.

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