Watch Cody Johnson Show Off His Team Roping Skills

Cody Johnson rodeo

Cody Johnson can not only talk the talk but walk the walk when it comes to cowboying.

If you are an avid CoJo follower, then you know he spent quite some time on the rodeo circuit before fully pursuing a music career.

As a teenager, he traveled the nation as a bull rider and even competed professionally for a little bit. When he passed his prime, that is when he began to pursue other career paths.

However, being in the limelight full-time does not stop Johnson from staying tried and true to his rodeo roots. While he is not sitting on bulls these days (we can’t have any serious injuries preventing him from performing), he does have fun on horseback these days.

Back in May, Johnson was seen at a team roping as his team’s header.

For being on the road so much, he does not miss a beat when picking back up the rope. And for not being on a stage, Johnson blends in seamlessly with rodeo goers, making him harder to spot. You’d really have to be on the lookout.

@whiskeyriff Classic Cojo. #cojo #teamroping #texas #whiskeyriff 🎥 : @TeamRopinGal ♬ Dear Rodeo – Cody Johnson

Beyond team roping, Johnson is also handy working cattle.

In 2020, he appeared in the annual celebrity cutting competition in Fort Worth, Texas. He did not show up to putt around.

He quickly sorted his cow from the herd and set his horse up to cut it, sitting deep in the saddle to follow the quick movements of his horse. Keep in mind during these celebrity showcases, they are riding horses they are not familiar with, so Cody Johnson perfectly executed this ride, letting the horse get in the dirt and work the cow.

Looks just like one of the professionals.

Now you can see what inspired his hit song, “Dear Rodeo.”

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