Noah Kahan Bounces Opening Pitch At Red Sox Game, Immediately Hides His Head In Embarrassment

Noah Kahan

We’ve all been there. Well, maybe not on this big of a stage, but…

I have never been asked to throw a first pitch at a baseball game, and I hope never to be asked to do so because I was not made to throw an MLB distance pitch off the mound.

It appears that Noah Kahan might have been feeling the pressure as he was asked to throw the opening pitch at a recent Boston Red Sox game.

The folk/alternative star was asked the honor of throwing the opening pitch at the Red Sox game last night, but instead of throwing a fastball, he threw a bouncing ball. Confidently walking up the mound, Kahan honestly passes as an MLB player with his hair flowing out of the back of his hat, but his pitch…

After the audience goes wild for him, he is handed the ball used for the opening pitch and lets it rip. The ball goes flying and bounces on the ground before getting to home plate. Almost immediately after the ball leaves his hand, Kahan is squatting down, holding his head in his hands in embarrassment.

Kahan, not impressed with his performance, hides his face in shame, shaking his head back and forth, wishing he had given it a better heave off the mound.

Maybe he should have sung “You’re Gonna Go Far” to the ball before throwing it. It would have hit 100 mph. It might not have been what he hoped for, but you’ve got to respect the effort.

This is the only response that deserves time in this article. Underrated.


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