“If I See A Kid Or A Chick Get Hit My A** Will Be Off This F**king Stage” – Koe Wetzel Lays Down The Law After Seeing A Fight At ‘Rock The Country’

Koe Wetzel

Koe laying down the law.

Now, Koe Wetzel probably isn’t somebody I’d want to mess with. He’s a big dude, and even played linebacker for Tarleton State back in college. And as nice of a guy as he is, he’s still got a wild side that makes me think he’s not somebody I’d want to scrap with.

So when Koe saw a fight in the crowd during a recent show, he was ready to jump down and restore order himself.

The Texas country rocker was on the lineup for the Rock the Country festival in Rome, Georgia over the weekend, which featured headliners Jason Aldean and Kid Rock along with names like Travis Tritt, Treaty Oak Revival and Gavin Adcock. So it’s easy to see why the crowd was a little rowdy.

But when Koe spotted some fans fighting as he was trying to perform “9 Lives (Black Cat),” he quickly stopped and let them know how it was going to be:

“Hey, y’all quit that f*cking fighting bullsh*t. I done told y’all, if y’all are gonna fight, take that sh*t out in the parking lot.

Jesus Christ. If I see a kid or a f*cking chick get hit my ass will be off this f*cking stage.”

Just a future warning: Don’t try that sh*t at a Koe show.

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